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Domestic and international services, we handle imports/exports and  any and all commodities from General Cargo to Radioactive and Hazardous Materials to Perishable Goods.

Transportation modes are an essential component of transport systems since they are the means by which logistics  is supported. A wide range of modes that may be grouped into three broad categories based on the medium they exploit: Land Transport , Oceanfreight  and Airfreight . Each mode has its own requirements and features and is adapted to serve the specific demands of freight and passenger traffic.

Globalization, trade and freight transportation are interrelated and concern a mobility scale that spans nations and often continents. This transnational mobility is subject to many geopolitical considerations such as who controls trade routes and what forms of competition and cooperation have emerged with expanded trade relations. Offering complete transparency and a 24/7 hands on approach, AIRLINE CARGO SERVICES Inc. is here to assist in all aspects of your logistics needs.