Hazardous Materials


Airline Cargo services provides transportation solutions for various commodities of Dangerous Goods transported throughout the world, from radioactive goods to nuclear fuels, or laboratory samples, to full air charters of explosives and ammunition, cargoes that are forbidden aboard commercial aircraft (such as grenades and rockets).

AIRLINE CARGO SERVICES INC extensive experience within the logistics industry with the goal of providing the best service available, preventing any delay caused by improper packaging or document discrepancy.

AIRLINE CARGO SERVICES INC staff maintains training and certification for IATA regulations, plus the additional training required for the certification and handling of radioactive materials.  AIRLINE CARGO SERVICES INC international network of cooperating partners includes agents specialized in dangerous goods handling to facilitate in transit and destination services when necessary, such as certification and packing, recertification for transshipments, pre-clearance and special delivery for shipments requiring necessary permissions or exemptions. Extensive experience and expertise ensures the transport of dangerous materials is conducted with the utmost consideration for safety and efficiency to meet our clients demands

  • Coordination for classification, certification, and UN Specified packaging of hazardous materials.
  • Inspection of packaging conditions and documentation to identify discrepancy, exception, or damage.
  • Maintain sensitive handling during retrieval, and throughout transit, to ensure a timely acceptance and prevent any possible delays or additional expenses due to repackaging.
  • Best suited carrier and routing selection, with compliance for state and operator restrictions or variations.
  • Separation of hazardous portions of large shipments to ensure total charges are not based on the higher fees associated with dangerous goods, while maintaining the consistent service of a single shipment.
  • Coordination of shipments to remote destinations in countries with strict government regulations that may require advanced approval from unilateral authorities for permission to allow over flight, ground transport, or importation of dangerous goods.

Utilizing the expertise of AIRLINE CARGO SERVICES INC staff and cooperation of proven reliable local and international agents, AIRLINE CARGO SERVICES INC arranges and coordinates all required steps, from advanced preparation through retrieval, classification, packing, shipping, and delivery of all dangerous goods commodities to their destination.

Airline Cargo Services high Quality and Reliability standards are upheld, with the ultimate goal of exceeding the clients’ requirements and expectations.

  • Certified dangerous goods packaging and handling agents.
  • Secure and constant surveillance, exclusive or ltl use ground transport.
  • All cargo freighter or charter flights or passenger service when allowed by applicable laws.
  • Proper segregation of incompatible dangerous goods.
  • Tracking of the goods and constant updates on status of the goods.
  • Third Party Logistics, with on-site AIRLINE CARGO SERVICES INC representative when necessary.
  • Prompt and thorough communication with client and consignee until delivery.
  • Hard-copy Proof of Delivery and backup documents provided as necessary.